My Other Writing – Limericks

Years ago, I wrote a limerick in a reply to an email at work. What started with that one instance of rhyming has grown into an unstoppable phenomenon. I can’t usually write one on command, but when the inspiration hits I simply cannot help myself and it keeps me amused.

I started saving the limericks I wrote at work, and decided to count them last week. Um, there are more than 100. This doesn’t include those I didn’t like enough to save or the ones to friends. This total also doesn’t include the one I got accidentally published when I jokingly complained to the staff for an online haiku contest that it should have been a limerick one instead.

And then there is my more recent outlet, Craigslist. I post my limericks in the Writing Gigs section in response to the requests for professional writers to work for free or for so little that it’s the same thing. To my amazement, I have developed a fan base of other writers who read my Craigslist limerick responses, and they email me to cheer me on.

With that introduction, here are a few samples of my rhyming affliction, with introductions in italics for context.

I had some thoughts on evolution.

Life began with primordial ooze
Ancient tiny things swimming in goos
From that soup of DNA
Here we all are today
Evolving to electronically schmooze

I wrote this while a co-worker was stuck in the elevator for two hours.

My colleague’s incarceration
Has caused him great consternation
Since he’s getting the shaft
In that rickety craft
Here’s hoping for quick liberation

 Finally, here are two selections from the Craigslist collection, posted separately.

The work that you seek to be done
Is something good writers will shun
You’re paying mere pennies
Instead of multiple twenties
Guess you want us to work just for fun

You’re offering pennies I see
For skilled work that demands a high fee
For this project deluxe
You’ll pay a princely five bucks
You might as well say, work for free

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