Why I’m Going to Arizona for the Election

flag-lapel-in-hand-10-2016-cropped-smallIt was in July that I made my decision about what I needed to do.

I had already watched the Supreme Court decimate the Voting Rights Act. I’d been appalled at how state after state subsequently passed laws to restrict which Americans could vote. And when the Republican Party named their candidate for president with his hateful rhetoric, I resolved to act.

With no issues in my home state, I’m volunteering for the presidential election in Arizona. I’ll be joining the efforts of the Arizona Advocacy Network’s Election Protection team in the Phoenix area, where the Maricopa County sheriff is nationally infamous for violating civil rights.

I’m going because I’m patriotic.

With so much at stake, I am compelled to counter those who reference American values in the most perverse language possible—citing freedom as a basis for hate and promoting violence against those who don’t meet their standards of whom their fellow Americans should be. I’m reclaiming their adjectives and slogans to promote the best of American values. Liberty for all. Regardless of what we look like, what language we speak, what country we were born in, what religion we believe in or not. And so many other freedoms.

I cannot let the fear-mongering go unchallenged. The America I believe in doesn’t discriminate. My America opens the door for every voter.

On election day, I will be there with my flag lapel on. For liberty and justice for all.


  1. Thank you for being a true patriot, and standing for the America that we can be proud to be citizens of. Thank you for standing for many of us who cannot go. I’m working as an election official here in Marin County, and have for years. YOU ROCK!


  2. Full of admiration and inspiration for all your passion and commitment to justice and the power of your words.

  3. So proud of you! It is indeed patriotic to support the true values of our democracy especially voting rights! I wish you success in your mission.

    • Dear fellow Woodswoman … or is that too sexist? Why is there not a female word for the category of “fellow”? Anyway, I honor your commitment to the attempt at democracy. Unfortunately, the ugliness that Mr. Can’t-say-his-name excavated in millions of Americans this past year has resulted in a President elect who is already threatening to dismantle the education system, dismantle Social Security, tax single parents at a higher rate while letting corporations and the 1% pay much lower taxes.

      Again, I honor your actions and hope we continue to have people like you who are dedicated to work against this madness. Hope to see you sometime in the next year.

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