My Three-Week Trip Summed Up in Four Photos

I returned yesterday from my three-week vacation in Northern California and Oregon. I’ll share more details and photos soon, but for now these images capture the gist of how it went.

Prairie Creek tiny portrait 9-2013Tiny me in the company of giant redwoods

Tent wet in bags in car Prairie Creek 9-2013The mess of my tent after the first of 12 record-setting days of storms—one bag each for the soaked and muddy body, rainfly and ground cloth (yes, I headed indoors)

Crater Lake view with two trees in foreground 10-2013

Crater Lake with unusually early snowfall

Crater Lake government shutdown sign 10-2013

An interesting challenge for my travel plans


  1. These do show that a picture is worth a thousand words (now that I just posted about a 3000-word segment about the Meseta!), and I’m so sorry for the damned shut-down. They are at it again, aren’t they? And I thought those three green bags were huge cabbages, perhaps from the huge redwoods that surrounded you. Beautiful representation of your trip! Sometime, perhaps these two woodswomen can walk together. My partner’s daughter and her family live in San Fran. I think you are near, and one of my dreams is to spend a week north of there at a place whose name I can never remember . . . how’s that for the wish list of an oldish woman?

      • Sounds wonderful. Not sure when that will happen, but I’ll bet it will be within the next year. Point Reyes is what I was trying to remember. Always wanted to go there for a week. Ahhh. I think it’s pretty expensive, though.

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