Walking in the Footsteps of Galileo – The March for Science

On Earth Day this year, 50,000 other sane people and I walked down Market Street in the March for Science in San Francisco. Until recently, I would not have thought I’d have to defend that most basic of nonpartisan concepts—science. You know, the field that brought us handwashing.

Alone, it’s easy to despair and feel powerless in these challenging times. But that wasn’t possible when I was surrounded by so many committed people of all ages with their creative signs and costumes.

While the purpose was serious, our collective mood was upbeat. This is why I attend peaceful protests—to recharge for the slog that is social change. I will continue to show up.

Me and the other heretics.


  1. Great set of pictures-thanks. I liked your comment about needing to be with people who also cared. You had a couple of really fun pictures such as the banana girl to the alternate fish image taken on the religious imagery to simple reminders like microscopes and atoms  Thanks, HBS

  2. Yes. Hand washing. Love it. Thanks for sharing the creativity of those who you marched with… Did you have a sign too? What did it say?

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