Joshua Tree Desert Journey

There is something about the starkness of the desert that clears my mind and senses. I love being in the desert in the cooler months and after years away, it was good to reconnect with Joshua Tree National Park. Although I often camp during my outdoor excursions, this time around I had the luxury of staying with friends who live adjacent to the park.

It was easy to traverse the landscape through the washes scoured clear of boulders by periodic flash floods.

Wash near Erik house in Joshua Tree 2-2014

Flowers in the desert seem heroic, even more so during this season that is the driest in California recorded history. Wandering through the wash, it was a treat to encounter these canterbury bells (Phacelia minor for you botanical name types).

Canterbury bells Joshua Tree 2-2014

Plant geek that I am, reacquainting myself with different types of cacti felt like a reunion with old friends.

Cholla Cholla Joshua Tree 2-2014

Cholla close-upCholla close-up Joshua Tree 2-1014

Pencil cholla


Barrel cactus???????????????????????????????Barrel cactus spines close-up???????????????????????????????

One afternoon, I hiked to that most precious of desert environments, a source of year-round water. Like many comparable locations, 49 Palms Oasis is open for day use only so that wildlife can access it at night.

Approaching 49 Palms Oasis, in contrast to the surrounding dry desertApproaching 49 Palms Oasis Joshua Tree 2-2014

The oases are full of birds, mostly heard since they are hard to spot in the thick mat of the fan palms. My local friend told me that the rough bark on these trees evolved to resist being fed on by mastodons.

49 Palms Oasis Joshua Tree 2-2014

 My trip was a wonderful return to a place I love. I feel recharged.

Beverly in Joshua Tree 2-2014


  1. Hey, Woodswoman Writes! The photos are beautiful, and you look so peaceful and happy. The wind is howling here, melting the mounds of snow we’ve had for the last month or two. I envy you at the moment! See you in the autumn.

  2. Beverly, your mom forwarded your email to me. Thank you. The pictures are wonderful. Thank you for sharing. I’m glad your new job is working out so well for you.

    Lil Kreisle

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