My Personality Explained in a Bookmark for My Birthdate

About 10 years ago, I visited the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose on a whim. It was the enormous home of Sarah Winchester that she kept under construction around the clock from 1884 until she died 38 years later. Disguised as a silly tourist attraction, it turned out to be a fantastic place. The gift shop there, however, was predictably cheesy and featured knickknacks hyping Ms. Winchester’s reported interest in numerology.

I had to check out the glittery bookmark for people born on the 20th of any month, my September birthday. It seemed like such an accurate description of what is important to me that I bought it—of course they included all positives because no one would buy the thing otherwise. I have had it up on my wall ever since and it still makes me smile.

Here is the evidence. (A typed version that’s easier to read is below the photo.)  You can decide if you agree.

Birthday bookmark original size

Text on the bookmark:  If your birthday falls on the 20th day of any month you are a 20 Day Person. Those born on this day have highly developed intuition which they use in all areas of their lives. They are by nature sympathetic, understanding & tolerant & have a flair for working with others. Those born on this day generally enjoy a career which involves working with people. The 20 can usually see both sides of a situation, coupled with their diplomacy & sensitivity toward others, they make wonderful arbitrators & mediators. Those born on this day need to periodically ‘retreat’ to sort out life’s kaleidoscope of impressions & feelings, most benefit from time spent with nature. The 20 usually loves music & has a deep sense of rhythm & harmony. The intimacy of a close & long-term relationship is vital to the 20 who will make every effort to see it work. These people make devoted parents & partners.

(Yes, I fixed a couple spelling and punctuation things. There is no off-switch for my inner editor.)


  1. Love this . . . it fits me as well, though my birth number is 12. And I too am a grammar geek! On another note, I’d like to connect by e-mail regarding my plans to spend two weeks at Pt. Reyes or vicinity. You might know some info about the places I’m finding.

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