Trip Report, Final Post: A Silly Sign

I spent the last night of my two-week vacation at Humboldt Redwoods State Park. I had never visited and it shortened my drive home, so I decided to stay there. Perhaps other parts of the park are more interesting, but it was a letdown after Prairie Creek. It had a lot more human impact and it was hotter.

I took a stroll on a loop trail from the campground in the afternoon. The trail led to this tree, a remnant of the old-growth forest that had been logged. But it wasn’t the tree that was notable: it was the ridiculous sign in front of it. Standing alone, I laughed for quite a while.

The light was fading so the photo quality isn’t great, but I hope you can still read the first sentence of the sign from 1991. I’m trying to imagine what a redwood tree national championship would look like. “Hey, my cones are bigger than yours…”

One comment

  1. As you wrote, Prairie Creek is a favorite … mine anyway. But Humboldt Redwoods SP is really growing on me the past few visits. I’m finally figuring out where, and how, to get better photographs from HRSP, and when to visit. I think autumn is the ultimate and winter close behind.


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